Book Review: Shine – How to Survive and Thrive at Work by Chris Baréz-Brown

is an inspiring book by Chris Baréz-Brown. It is one of those books they sell in the airports (I bought it in one) that provides you with a quick read for the duration of your flight. It is a book about how to enjoy the thing you are doing for living. Without further adue, here are my notes: Continue reading


Three countries, three agendas

What is going to happen in the future of games?

The last five days I spent in BeNeLux countries and I had a different agenda in each one of them.

In the Netherlands I visited Festival of Games and had a couple of business meetings there. Festival of Games is a conference to game developers, investors and other interested parties. The conference is not very big, although the speaker line-up was not that bad. When I visited some of the sessions in between my meetings, the content was rather good. I think it is the problem of a “no-capital-city”. If you do something in the Nth biggest city of a small country, it is difficult to make it into a large international event.

On Friday I took a train to Luxembourg Continue reading

Busy weekend


I don’t remember the last time when I worked for the whole weekend from waking up until going to bed. Last weekend was exactly like that. After working already for two months on a tender, we were preparing proposal documents  with deadline on Monday morning 10AM. Both Saturday and Sunday were spent behind the computer, writing the proposal. On Sunday morning I sat behind the computer at 7:30 AM and the first time I got out of the house was in the evening. It was so intense that I did not have time to go and have a decent meal. I just ate sandwiches for the whole day. Together with the team we were having a 4-hour skype chat and twice I sneaked to the kitchen (with my laptop with me) and silently prepared some sandwitches. While eating I did take longer breaks to respond to my teammates but I hope neither Kadri nor Sven noticed.:) Continue reading

The cap on social security tax – to set or not to set?

Isn't the system good enough already?

Lately this topic has been hot in Estonia – should there be a cap on social security tax (SS) or not. SS tax rate in Estonia os rather high – 33% of the paycheck. Now there is a proposal to put the cap on so that you would only have to pay SS on the first €4000/mo salary. You’d have to keep paying income and other taxes after that level though. Last year, less than 2000 people earned more than this treshold.

There has been quite a debate on whether this cap should be introduced or maybe there should be even a progressive tax instead. Lot has been said already but I would like to bring out three additional points why this kind of cap is not only good for the overall economy but also fair in other perspective: Continue reading