Goal: 100.

YEAR #   Country The purpose
2018 58 Qatar Holidays in Doha and a day-trip to western Qatar.
57 Laos Trip to Luang Prabang
2016 56 Turkey Holiday near Antalya
2015 55 Andorra Marxa Beret ski marathon and day trip
2014 54 Belarus Visiting High Tech Park and Garage48 Minsk hackathon
53 Israel Vacation in Eilat
2013 52 Hungary Weekend trip to Budapest to visit friends
51 Croatia Being in a panel in Startup Island Conference (Hvar, Split)
50 Azerbaijan Lecturing in Youth Mobile Forum (Baku)
49 Armenia Trip to Yerevan
48 Georgia Visiting a friend (Tbilisi, mountains)
47 Slovakia Biela Stopa ski marathon
2012 46 Kosovo Day Trip to Prishtina
45 FYR Macedonia Mentoring / being in jury in Mobile App Camp
44 Ukraine Casual Connect conference (Kiev)
43 Luxembourg Visiting friends
42 Jordan Oasis500 bootcamp
2011 41 Indonesia Travelling w friends (Bali, Jakarta)
40 Poland Bieg Piastow Ski Marathon
39 Philippines Travelling w friends (Boracay, Manila)
2010 38 Portugal Lisbon Marathon
37 Romania How to Web conference
36 Mexico Travelling w friends (Yukatan peninsula)
35 Bolivia Travelling (Road trip from Lake Titicaca to Salar de Uyuni)
34 Peru Visiting friends, travelling (Lima, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu)
2009 33 Thailand Travelling w friends (Phuket, Bangkok)
32 Vietnam Travelling w friends (Saigon, in 2011 Mui Ne and Da Lat)
31 Cambodia Travelling w friends (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville)
30 Malaysia Participating in Estonian Business Delegation (Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands)
29 Singapore Participating in Estonian Business Delegation
28 Serbia European Young Leaders Conference
27 France La Transjurasienne ski marathon
2008 26 Cuba Travelling w friends
2007 25 Marocco Day trip from Spain (Tanger)
24 Switzerland Engadin Ski Marathon
23 Italy Marcialonga ski marathon
2006 22 New Zealand Travelling w friends (Auckland to Rotorua)
21 China (Hong Kong) Travelling w friends
20 Spain Travelling w friends (Gran Canaria, later years many cities in mainland, too)
19 Canada Keskinada Loppet ski marathon
18 Czech Republic Jizerska Padesatka ski marathon
2005 17 Egypt Vacation in Sharm-el-Sheikh
16 Netherlands Amsterdam Marathon
15 Denmark Broloppet run (Copenhagen-Malmö)
2004 14 Australia Travelling w friends (Melbourne-Adelaide-Alice-Darwin-Sydney-Melbourne. Later years – all eastcoast)
2003 13 United Kingdom Travelling w friends
2002 12 USA Working for the Southwestern Company
11 Belgium Going for the interview in McKinsey, visiting friends
2001 10 Japan Lions youth Camp (Osaka to Hiroshima road trip)
9 Germany Visiting friends
2000 8 Austria Ski trip
1997 7 Norway Lions youth camp (Lofoten islands, later years lots of other places)
1995 6 Sweden Ski trip
1990 5 Finland Visiting friends
1988 4 Lithuania Tourism group trip
3 Latvia Tourism group trip
1983 2 Russia Visiting Saint-Petersburg (then Leningrad)
1980 1 Estonia I was born

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