The story of Lonnie

Lonnie enjoying his meal

When Lonnie was 9 years old, his father moved from Jamaica to Great Britain and Lonnie has lived in England since. He remembers that when he was young, he looked quite different from the crowd – there were maybe 5 black kids in the centre of Birmingham altogether. The situation is much different today – there’s a large population of both black and muslim in Birmingham. Lonnie likes Birmingham and he lives in Moseley village (some 4 km from the city centre), which has a very good reputation. Continue reading


Cameron, football and modern lesbians

In a recent week we have had quite a few things happening here in Birmingham. Here’s a short recap:

David himself

1) Today, the PM David Cameron visited Birmingham Science Park and Oxygen Accelerator. The visit was a short one, lasted maybe an hour. It had two very important benefits: a) I got to see the guy first time; and even more importantly: b) We had to clean up the mess in our office before his visit. The office looks again a little bit more like a working space and less like a refugee camp. Continue reading

How Steve kept me from blogging

It’s almost two weeks since the last time I updated the blog. Well, it is certainly very busy with LogistIT and Oxygen. We are into the final month, after all. But this is not really the main reason why I haven’t blogged. The real reason is that for the past week every free moment I’ve had, have been spent reading Steve Jobs biography.

Now, 600 pages later and finally with some time to blog, what an inspiring reading it was! Personally, I’ve had an iPod since 2006, iPhone 2008 and MacBook Air since 2010 and I’ve been closely following the story of Apple for years. What made the reading even more interested was that a lot of things mentioned in the book (ad campaigns, tv shows, product presentations etc) can be seen on youtube just to get even better idea of what’s going on. And there’s a lot of material to look and which makes you think. For example take a look at Steve Ballmer’s reaction to the first iPhone and you can’t help but wonder why is this guy still running Microsoft. Continue reading