A Day

I open my eyes. Sun is already shining outside and the room is bright. I reach for my phone. It is 5:42 am, 29th of May, 2013. I slowly stand up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get back to the room. I make my bed, take my iPad, open the app “Seconds” and activate my “Morning exercises” loop. Four minutes of dynamic stretching, followed by 6 minutes of strength exercises. Room is warm, by the end of the pushups I’ve breaken the sweat.

I put on my running gear and do not bother to check out what the temperature in San Francisco is at the moment. It would not make any difference. I only have the short outfit with me. As I take the elevator down, I turn on Audible (this time Jackie Chan is reading me his autobiography) and as I exit the Rincon Center I push “Play” in Endomondo.

I run along San Francisco Bay, from Embarcadero towards Golden Gate Bridge. Like expected, Continue reading