Copenhagen Marathon

20 minutes to the start

Last Sunday I ran Copenhagen Marathon.

This was the fourth marathon in my life and second in the last four weeks. Why would I run two marathons in a month? I mean, the common wisdom says that you’d have to recover as least a couple of months and then leave time for preparation and tapering. My answer to that question is: Well, why wouldn’t I?! After all, life is too short to postpone the things you want to do.

When I visited Mexico three years ago, I had to wait in the immigration line for an hour. Just before me stood a tall and slender guy with a shirt “I ran Western States 100 miles”. I asked him: “Did you really run 100 miles?!”. Continue reading


Why do grand-old businessmen in Estonia fail?

On Tuesday, when I arrived from Italy, I took a bus from the Tallinn airport to Tartu. As I stepped on the bus I noticed that one of the most well-known Estonian businessmen, Rein Kilk, was already sitting on the bus (he had boarded in Tallinn). The businessman, who just five years ago owned one of the largest business empires in Estonia is now struggling and has lost several of the companies already.

Mr. Kilk was my customer in Advisio. We consulted several of his firms on different matters. From inside, he is a typical old-school businessman. I still remember one meeting at Pere Group where we tried to facilitate cooperation between his bread industry and scientists of estonian universities. At one point, Rein would take a pack of money out of is pocket, put it on the table and say: Continue reading

Book Review: A Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington. Autobiography

Chrissie Wellington is probably the best female triathlete ever born. She has won every single ironman she ever started (including 4 World Championships in Hawaii) and improved the previous Ironman world record by more than half an hour. Before starting her career as a triathlete (in her late 20-s!) she had made successful careers first in a law firm and later in an international NGO. Her autobiography, A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey, is a fascinating story about a girl who has taken the maximum out of every opportunity of life. Here are my notes:

  • if there was one thing that marked me out as unusual it was my drive. i would go do far as to describe it as obsessive-compulsive. i have, and always have had, the most powerful urge to make the best of myself. at times i have not been able to control it; at times it has taken me to some unpleasant places; but it is also an essential part of who i am, and i cannot make any apology for this. Continue reading

Perform a Reality Check

It makes a lot of sense to read books, listen to (smart) people and try new things. However, it does pay off to be a little bit sceptical before embracing something new too deeply. Just the fact that somebody seems or sounds trustworthy or has written a book does not necessarily mean that they are experts in the field. Nor does it mean that they have your best interests in mind when giving you advice on making a profound change in your life. It is always up to you to do the reality check before you start believing something extraordinary. Most medical experts agree that mr. Jobs would still be among us had he not tried to cure his cancer with eating raw food, but used some more conventional methods.

A little bit less extreme example is a guy I know. He read some book called 80-10-10 diet and now he is eating only bananas for three weeks in an attempt to “detoxify” his body. Continue reading