Quo vadis, estonian basketball?

What would you do if the roof was leaking?

What would you do if your car was leaking oil? Would you find the leakage and repair it or would you just pour some more oil into your car? I think that most people would choose the former. But if you would think like the basketball officials in Estonia do, you would definitely just pour some more oil. Continue reading


Foreigner, stay away!

We received £15K from Oxygen Accelerator. Well, on paper at least. We do not have the money on our bank account for one simple reason: we don’t have a bank account. For us as foreigners, it’s next to impossible to open one. Let me explain.

Anti-money laundering legislation in the UK states that one needs two things to open a bank account:

1) A passport

2) A proof of address.

The first part is easy, we all got our passports with us. But for a foreigner not living permanently in the UK, it is almost impossible to meet the second requirement. The address proof appears to be the government’s silver bullet against money launderers. Apparently the one single thing that distinguishes money launderers from regular people is that money launderers don’t have a place to live. Continue reading

E-book reader – a must-have!

My New Toy

Today I finished my first (complete) book on my new Kindle. So far I had been reading mostly magazines and sample books in Kindle, so “The Time Paradox” by Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd was the first “real” book I finished. And a good one also, but this is not the subject of this posting.

When deciding to buy an e-reader, I had three main reasons to do so: Continue reading

7th Anniversary!

Current logo

Today, 7 years ago I founded the company, which is called Advisio OÜ. I was reminded of this fact by one of my ex-colleagues this morning – thank you, Kristiina!

In the middle of September 2004 we went to Estonian Tax and Customs Board to found companies. We – means me and my friend and neighbour Jüri, who just happens to be my business partner in LogistIT, too. But back then, the company I founded was Funding OÜ and the company he founded was Commit OÜ. The main purpose behind Funding was to start offering moneyraising consulting to companies and the purpose of Commit was to offer IT consulting services to companies. Continue reading

My first riot in Birmingham

My romanian friend Tudor (on the right) is giving protesters his helping hand.

On Friday afternoon I saw my first demonstration in Birmingham. Do not get too excited though: nobody got their free Armani shirts, the demonstration was about some 10 people holding signs and shouting into the loudspeaker: “Shame on you!” in front of the Birmingham Science Park. So I went outside to make sure what was I supposed to be shamed of. As it turned out, on the second floor of the science park there is a office of a pharmaceutical company, which conducts drug tests on animals. So these youngsters (18-30 years old, I would say) came to protest about the tests, even though these tests are obviously not conducted at the science park premises. Continue reading

The Mentor Day

I finally learned to use the gym equipment.

Not so sporty evening

Before coming to Birmingham, I made a little search and found that the gym of Aston University was just 100 meters from our office. Thus on Monday we went there with Jüri and bought a one-month membership. My idea was to do some aerobic training on bike or indoor rower to supplement the yoga and prepare me to the skiing season in winter. However, as it turned out, we would have to pass the instruction on how to use the gym equipment, regardless of the fact that we had no intention whatsoever to use the weight-machines and the fact that we had used gym equipment before. Apparently there had not been any injuries in the Aston University Gym and they wanted it to stay that way. And maybe not lose a law-case in case someone did injure himself there. Instruction it was. We went from one machine to the other and the very helpful gym-attendant would sit on each one of the machines and show all possible movements, load changing possibilities and cautionary tactics. Although very annoying, I must admit, the instruction was very professional and even included information about the muscle groups that each one of those machines address. Continue reading