2012 recap

At the last day of the year it makes sense to look back at the year and make conclusions and future plans. 2012 was the best year of my life. Without any doubt. Here’s a short recap.

2012-11-03 00.49.331) Becoming a father would have been sufficient enough to make the year the best one so far. The Continue reading


Book Review: Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz

starbucksHoward Schultz is the guy who created Starbucks as we know it today and “Pour Your Heart Into It” is his description of how it happened.

I started with the book to learn about the story of the chain I always try to visit when I go abroad (there is no Starbucks in Estonia). Starbucks just has this aura to it that makes it a perfect place to sit for a couple of hours with friends or read a good book. I also happen to like coffee a lot thus there was another reason to read the book. Continue reading


Welcome to Kosovo / Monaco!

Welcome to Kosovo / Monaco!

Since I was in Balkans anyway, I decided to spend a day and take a look at the newest country in Europe – Kosovo.

I stepped on a bus at 9 AM and started going towards Kosovo. Pretty soon we were nearing the border because my phone changed carrier to a Kosovian one and Estonian Mobile Telephone (EMT) sent me an SMS: “Welcome to Monaco!”. Yes, Monaco. A country 1100 km from Kosovo. In a way I understand EMT. A few years ago Kosovo appeared on a map as a new country, now we also have South Sudan, in the near future perhaps Somaliland, Catalunya or Scotland. It must be very hard for EMT to stay on top of things with country names in these crazy times.  Continue reading

Macedonia and Mobile App Camp

Guess who?

Guess who?

After the Game Connection I flew straight from Paris to Macedonia to mentor and be in the Jury in Mobile App Camp. Mobile App Camp is an international (mobile) startup event and competition that brings together the winners of local startup-competitions from Balkan region. In the event there were 40 startups and mentors and investors from more than 10 countries. Continue reading

Slush and Game Connection

GF booth@Game Connection

GF booth@Game Connection

In the past two weeks we had two Demo Days: one in Helsinki at Slush and the other one in Paris at Game Connection.

Slush is a startup event that has grown to a huge event with more than 3000 people (it was actually sold out this year) attending. The conference is also a place for startups to pitch and get feedback to their ideas and pitches. There were way more than 100 startups pitching alltogether. Continue reading