Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World by Michael Lewis

I liked the book The Big Short so much that after finishing it I started with another book from the same author – Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World. And I was not disappointed. The “new third world” are countries that overextended themselves during the economic boom and are now in recession. Each chapter contains stories of different countries and the deep, but very readable, analysis on what happened and how the people are feeling and react. A short overview of the countries and main conclusions: Continue reading


What to do when you get cheated in a shell game?

Another golden opportunity for you

Every once in a while I take a look at my blogs visitors statistics. It still amazes me that each day, each single day, there is at least one (usually 3-4) people who have found my blog through search phrases connected to the shell game, the scam which I described in one of my previous posts. Search phrases such as “shell game london”, “three shell game scam” and “what to do when I get cheated in shell game” are pretty regular.

This constant frequency shows that the problem is pretty acute. People get cheated and lose money on regular basis. But then, what should you do when you get cheated in a shell game? Well, I have only one suggestion here: Continue reading

How to Lose Weight?

Couple of my friends have recently told me that they are a little worried because their weight is reaching new highs. One of them described me his feelings when he stepped on the scale and for the first time in his life he stared at a 3-digit number. So as it often happens, both of these friends are now undertaking a training program to get rid of the extra flab which has now far exceeded the point where it is just hiding the (obviously fabulous) 6-pack.

But guess what. There is a much easier way to lose weight than undertaking a rigorous training programme. No, Im not telling you to stop going to McDonalds or stop putting a centimeter thick layer of butter on your sandwich. The method I’m suggesting (and latest scientific research advocates) is much simpler: Continue reading

How to Become Good at Anything

I wish I’d … (fill the gap yourself) when I was young. Do you regret that you did not learn to play piano or study some language when you were younger? Well, don’t. If you do not have the willpower and persistence to do it today, you probably did not have it as a child either. The good news is, if you did possess this quality in your childhood, you probably also have it today and thus can start with your new hobby right away. Continue reading

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

The Big Short is a thrilling story of the origin of the recent credit crunch crises in the United States and of the few people who profited immensely from it. Now I’ve read a couple of very good books about that crises and this book has been the best so far in terms of getting the crasp on what actually happened and why. I remember that when I read Larry MacDonald’s “Colossal Failure of The Common Sense“, also a very interesting book, I had to google some terms to understand what the author meant. Micheal Lewis have made it easier for the reader to understand the concepts. Either that or I have become more knowledgeable.

I think the most valuable lesson to learn from this book is to be rather cynical about the Wall Street and financial world in general. Continue reading