Demo Day!

Just two weeks shy of a year ago we had Demo Day in Oxygen Accelerator. Had anyone told me back then that in a year I would be having a Demo Day of my own accelerator I would have considered the person to be on strong medication or something. Yet yesterday, here we were, 6 teams from 6 countries presenting their games to the 50+ strong audience in our Tehnopol premises in Tallinn.

GameFounders Demo Day was the first European demo day ever for any gaming accelerator and served as a first accord in the road show for our startups. The next week we will demo in Continue reading

Why Play Games?

Avoiding Alzheimer’s

Half a year ago, when we were looking for investors for GameFounders, I met with a lot of people, introduced our concept andĀ asked them to invest. When they heard that we would invest only into gaming (or gamification) startups, I would usually encounter one of the two very different reactions:

1) He (I can’t remember the ever was a ‘she’..) thought that it was amazing what we were doing, OR

2) He was appalled of what we were doing, because “games is a waste of time. The most stupid thing someone can voluntarily do is shooting birds at pigs”.

Over the time I could predict which one of those opinions the person had before even talking to him. How could I do that?

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Book Review: The Trail Life: How I Loved It, Hated It, and Learned from It by Julie Urbanski

Julie Urbanski walked from Mexico to Canada, through PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) with his then boyfriend (now husband). She wrote a book about that 4300 km walk that took them 109 days. The book is about their journey, emotions, hardships and emotional challenges that this kind of undertaking always involves. These kind of travels are really fascinating since, unlike polar expeditions, they are accessible to everyone and do not involve hazards such as ending up in a polar-bear’s lunch plate or finding a place to chill for eternity in the middle of snow and ice.
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