What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” is a memoir of Haruki Murakami, a famous novelist from Japan who has been regularly running for several decades. In this book Murakami explains the philosophy behind his running, how he came to do that and what he has gained from running. The reader will also learn things about Murakami’s personal life, including how he came to writing novels.

The book is very interesting to read because the writer interconnects the events in his life with his attitudes and values in life. In several places he gives very thoughtul hints about which attitude brings success both in running and in life. The fact that he interconnects decisions and attitudes in life to those in running or doing other sports, makes the book thought-provoking. Continue reading


Ignite100 investor day

Yesterday I participated in Ignite100 investor day in London. My friend Taavi was pitching his startup and sent me an invitation, too. So I went there to see what the teams from Newcastle’s accelerator were up to and maybe get some investor action myself.

EventBrite send me an e-mail a day before with the starting time of 9:15 AM. So I was there 10 minutes before that only to find out that the actual kick-off time was indeed 10 AM. Since there was no-one to stop me, I walked in the auditorium to find the teams doing the final rehearsal of the pitches. Continue reading

Oasis 500 bootcamp over

Advisio, my first, still successfully running, business and Oasis, the current bootcamp. Great shot by Ahmad.

Oasis 500 bootcamp is finished and I’m glad of having been a part of it. The program was very good – 6 days of thorough training about running an online business. The sessions included pitching, finance, marketing, business model generation etc. The remarkable thing was that all the topics were designed specifically for online businesses and they were very practical in nature. For example in Marketing, instead of giving along theory about 4P, 6P or 7P, most of the talk was about the Chasm, concrete examples and making the participants define their target markets and ways of reaching them. Also, a lot of emphasis was put on internetmarketing, explaining the conversion rates and the industry’s standards in them. I’m not going to go into deep details of the exact contents, rather I’d point out some other issues which made the program a remarkable one (and why couple of participants told the British embassador in the very last session that it was indeed the most influential week of their life so far): Continue reading

Oasis500, day 2

This morning at 5AM sharp I found out the fact that there’s a mosque close to my hotel the hard way. When somebody started to sing to a (very loud) loudspeaker this early in the morning in Estonia, I probably would not have to call the police. They would be there in some 5-10 minutes anyway. Here I did not even think about calling the police. The singing lasted (with small pauses) for almost an hour and then it stopped. Continue reading