How to rewrite history

At the end of August sports history was rewritten. Not only the history itself, but also the rules of writing the history were rewritten. Before 24th of August 2012, in order to be convicted with positive drug test, you’d actually have to give the positive test. Now (and in the past) it’s no longer necessary. Continue reading


GameFounders Open!

Mr. Parts working late

Last week we opened the first accelerator for gaming startups in Europe – GameFounders.

We have had 6 teams from 6 different countries (Argentina, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands) work in Estonia for two weeks already. On Friday we had the official opening party. Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Juhan Parts, was there to declare us open. it is very laudable, that the accelerator has gained recognition from our political sphere; only that way can we gain the leverage for estonian gaming industry to take off! Continue reading