Busy weekend


I don’t remember the last time when I worked for the whole weekend from waking up until going to bed. Last weekend was exactly like that. After working already for two months on a tender, we were preparing proposal documents  with deadline on Monday morning 10AM. Both Saturday and Sunday were spent behind the computer, writing the proposal. On Sunday morning I sat behind the computer at 7:30 AM and the first time I got out of the house was in the evening. It was so intense that I did not have time to go and have a decent meal. I just ate sandwiches for the whole day. Together with the team we were having a 4-hour skype chat and twice I sneaked to the kitchen (with my laptop with me) and silently prepared some sandwitches. While eating I did take longer breaks to respond to my teammates but I hope neither Kadri nor Sven noticed.:)

We made it! But it was not easy at all.

On Sunday, at 5:30PM I signed the papers and Sven started driving towards Tallinn. Since we had agreed to make a break before continuing later in the evening, I decided to go for a jog to clear my mind and be fresh when I return. Without much of a thought I put the sneakers on, iPhone music on, earphones into my ear and on the road I was.

Forty minutes into the run things started to happen. Kadri called. Our Finnish partners had missed DHL and now the only way to get necessary papers in Estonia on time was to find somebody who would come from Helsinki to Tallinn with the last ferry in the evening. So we had to find somebody who would know somebody who were going to do that. Being some 8km from home all I could do is start calling (I had a total of 14 calls during that run).  I called my sister and a couple of other people I suspected might meet the description above.

What does this picture have to do with this post? Nothing. I just like the picture.

Of no luck. Anna-Kaisa was in Amsterdam and could not help me, neither could anyone else. An hour later when I had put my iPhone back to my pocket and was again listening to music and thinking how to solve the problem, I got another call from Kadri. She had found somebody. We were saved!

Another hour later when I got back home I was too hungry to continue working right away. Quick stretch and shower and then I headed to Raekoja Plats with my laptop and the proposal document. The only place where kitchen was open at 9:30PM on Sunday evening was Kapriis. I haven’t had so good steak for ages! After the dinner, I continued the work at home and for me the “party” was over after 1AM. Kadri did some more printing in the morning and  25 minutes before the deadline handed the package over.

A weekend full of work, broken promises, lots of stress, but also a great sense of achievement, was over.

What tender? I will reveal more about it when the time is right.:)


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