Camino de Santiago – hiking from Porto (Portugal) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Porto to Santiago hike with friends:

  • Portuguese Coastal Way
  • Two weeks (26.06 – 09.07)
  • Total 389 km of which
    • Hiking (w backpack) 284 km
    • Walking (w/o backpack) 77 km
    • Running 28 km

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Sport year 2016


Pushed myself in Tartu Kevadjooks, but the first race of the year proved as difficult as always.

Sports year 2016 was quite busy. In total I crossed 3228 kilometers: running 1100, cycling 1150, skiing 475, kayaking 251 and walking 247. Milage-wise the year was an improvement over several previous years when I did less than 2500. Yet, what has to be taken into account is that this year I did pretty much close to none bodyweight exercises and yoga whereas in previous years I did tens of hours of those.

Haanja Suusa100: 100km FT skiiing, 6:03:47, place: 17/42

Haanja Suusa100: 100km FT skiiing, 6:09:47, place: 17/42

From sports perspective these were the highlights of the year:

1) Successfully completing Võhandu Maraton kayak race.
Considering that the beginning of April was the first time I ever kayaked, it was a great deed that just a few weeks later me and my friend Mart would finish the arduous 100 km long Võhandu Maraton. Yet we finished it and I think we did it in pretty good time for first timers: 12 hours and 8 minutes gave us 183th place out of 609 finishers.

I was expecting <1:35, but not that close to 1:30

I was expecting <1:35, but not that close to 1:30

2) Running a 1:30:14 half-marathon in Helsinki Half-Marathon
That was the closest I’ve been to the 1:30 line in recent years. What makes this result especially satisfactory is that the weather was quite warm and the track pretty hilly. The same day there was another half-marathon held in Narva where many people I know trashed their personal bests in close to ideal conditions. I can only imagine what my result could have been, had I chosen to run in Narva instead of Helsinki.

This win was paid for in the marathon and half-marathon that I had to run shortly after.

This win was paid for in the marathon and half-marathon that I had to run shortly after.

3) Winning yet another half-marathon in Ida-Virumaa Staadionimaraton
Ida-Virumaa Staadionimarathon has become one of my favorite events of the year. Not only for the reason that due to relatively small number of participants (10-30) I’ve regularly made it to the podium, but also for the excellent organisation, camaraderie and cool overall concept.
This year I won the first of the three runs, but due to competition I had to run it a bit faster (1:38) than initially planned. This made the following marathon and half-marathon much harder.

The man on the right is my father who, being 60 years old is still physically active

The man on the right is my father who, being 60 years old is still physically active

4) Successful completion of several demanding undertakings.
In addition to Võhandu Marathon I also skid 100km for the first time in my life, in Haanja Suusa100. Time 6:09 is quite good for the hilly track in Haanja. In addition to that, I ran 84,4 km in 20 hours in Ida-Virumaa Staadionimaraton and in the beginning of June did Helsinki half-marathon (21,1km run) and Tampere Pirkan Pyöräily (134km cycling) on two consecutive days. Last but not least, running Rõuge Trail Run marathon with >1000m total elevation gain proved to be quite a challenge, too.

For this year I have set goals in other areas of life that precede the ones of sport. Yet I do think 2017 a good year to run over my mediocre PB in marathon (3:23) and perhaps run my first official ultra-marathon. Let’s see how it goes.:)

I am Euroloppet Champion


In 2007 when I achieved my Worldloppet Master title, I decided to go for the “smaller brother” – Euroloppet Champion. Now, 8 years later, it is done. I just received my Champion medal, crystal plate, badge and diploma.

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My first podium in 4 years – 2nd place in I Ida-Virumaa Staadionimaraton half-marathon!

All the food...I didn't eat

All the food I didn’t eat

The inaugural Ida-Virumaa Staadionimaraton was held this Tuesday in Iisaku.

The event was special because according to the organizers, this is the first time there’s ever a marathon event being held in a stadium in Estonia. So when I heard about the event and learned there’s also a half-marathon distance, I was intrigued to participate. Sure, my physical condition is not optimal at the moment, but with the contestant limit of 40 (there’s only so many people you can fit in a 400-metre track to run tens and tens of laps) for two distances combined there should be reasonable enough chances for a podium finish for me. In the running events in Estonia I usually finish among the first 10-20% of the contestants. These bigger events always have the elite participating, but in an inaugural event with limited number of competitors and event time during the work week it could be possible.

So I registered and a few days before the event took a look at the starting list to find out about the competition. Continue reading

How To Gamify Your Life

Cycling gamified

As a co-founder in the first gaming accelerator in Europe, I’m constantly looking for ways to apply the stuff I see and learn at GameFounders. One of the really cool things to do is to find ways to bring more meaning into my daily life and doings. How to do that? Gamify!

The thing is, nothing has to be boring. Everything you do can be turned into a game. The only question is how to do it.

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Longest Trail In Estonia, part 1

Tim and me, ready to go

A month ago, they opened the longest hike trail in Estonia: 370 km from Oandu (NE of Estonia) to Ikla (SW, at the border of Latvia). When I first learned about it, I knew that I wanted to do that. The other day when I met my childhood friend Tim, who has been travelling the world for years, but is visiting Estonia for two months, we devised a plan to do that trail. Since my schedule is pretty tense right now, all I could do was take 2 days off (+weekend) and therefore we decided to do the trail on bike.

Start Thursday, 2nd of August.

Day 1: Oandu to Nikerjärve (74 km).

6:30AM wake-up call, quick shower, breakfast, packing (I was working until 1:30AM the previous night thus did not have time to pack) and we arrived Oandu some 4 hours later. From the information point we got maps and route description and off we went. The “official” starting time 10:48 AM. Continue reading

Tartu Triathlon and how to become a better swimmer

Only 200m to go!

I did a triathlon on Sunday. It was a short Olympic distance (1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run, no drafting allowed) Tartu Triathlon where I had signed up half a year ago when it was first announced. On Friday I was still pretty sure that I would not participate since I have had an achilles injury and have not trained for the last month (except for yoga). But on Saturday, walking past the triathlon tents, I could not resist but to pick up my number and there I was in the water on Sunday afternoon, waiting for the start pistol to go off. Continue reading