I am Euroloppet Champion


In 2007 when I achieved my Worldloppet Master title, I decided to go for the “smaller brother” – Euroloppet Champion. Now, 8 years later, it is done. I just received my Champion medal, crystal plate, badge and diploma.

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Euroloppet 3/8: La Sgambeda (Italy)

photo-9The new skiing season has just begun. Even though there is no snow in Estonia (apart from the 1.7km previous-year-snow ski track in Otepää), I decided to make an early start to the season by registering to the first Euroloppet ski Marathon of 2013/2014 РLa Sgambeda in Livigno, Italy. Continue reading

Euroloppet 2/8: Apkart Alaukstam (Latvia)

The track

The track

Yesterday I skid my second Euroloppet marathon – Apkart Alaukstam in Latvia. Apkart Alaukstam is a 42 km race where you ski two laps around Alauksta lake in free style. By the way, if you are wondering why there are so many 42 km races in Euroloppet, Estoloppet and other, then the reason is simple – the organisers have been inspired by the marathon distance in running. Obviously, it is much easier to ski 42 km than to run the same distance, so ski marathon organisers try to get back by giving impossible-to-pronounce names to marathons – Jizerska Padesatka, Birkebeinerrennet, Bieg Piastow just to name a few. Apkart Alaukstam is so far my favorite in this list.

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Euroloppet 1/8: Biela Stopa (Slovakia)

At the start

At the start

On Saturday I skid my first Euroloppet marathon – Biela Stopa in Slovakia. Euroloppet is a series of long-distance skiing races. Unlike in Wordloppet, all of their member marathons take place in Europe. I achieved my Wordloppet Master title (you have to ski 10 different member marathons, at least one of them outside Europe) in 2007. At the end of the last year I decided I will also go for the “smaller brother” title of Euroloppet – Euroloppet Master. To achieve that I need to complete 8 different Euroloppet races in less than 10 years. Biela Stopa in Slovakia was my first marathon in achieving this feat.

We went there with my father, having both registered to the main distance – 45 km freestyle. Friday morning 3:30 AM my alarm clock rings, 20 minutes later my father picks me up and we start driving to Tallinn airport. Continue reading