Hike 2018 – a repeat of 2017 with a twist

It was now a 7th time for the annual August multi-day hike with my friends in Estonia.

The previous editions, once again:
2012 – 4 days bike trip from Oandu to Ikla (participants: me, Tiimar)
2013 – 3 days walking trip from Altja to Aegviidu (me, Matti, Oskar)
2014 – 4 days bike trip from Ahja to Ähijärve (me, Matti)
2015 – 3 days bike trip from Nõva to Aegviidu (me, Matti)
2016 – 2 days kayak trip from Puurmani to Kärevere (me, Oskar, Jaan, Cardo)
2017 – 3 days bike trip from Ahja to Valga (me, Matti)

So this year it was a 2,5 days hiking trip from Altja to Kõrvemaa with Oskar and Madis, a planned repeat of the 2013 trip from Altja to Aegviidu. However, Continue reading


Camino de Santiago – hiking from Porto (Portugal) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Porto to Santiago hike with friends:

  • Portuguese Coastal Way
  • Two weeks (26.06 – 09.07)
  • Total 389 km of which
    • Hiking (w backpack) 284 km
    • Walking (w/o backpack) 77 km
    • Running 28 km

Daily hiking tracks: Continue reading

From Oandu to Aegviidu (75 km) by foot

Matti, Oskar, me at the start - Altja Tavern

Matti, Oskar, me at the start – Altja Tavern

Being in a jovial mood, the decision to start the hike from Altja, instead of Oandu came very easily. Three days and 75km, that means 25 km per day, an added 4-5 km wouldn’t hurt, right?! After all, all three of us, me, Matti and Oskar, are rather active guys who work out on regular basis.

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Longest Trail In Estonia, part 2

Continued from this post.

Day 3: Mukri (196 km) to (almost) Laiksaare (339 km)

I opened my eyes 7 AM. It was still raining cats and dogs. We had planned for an early start, but nothing could persuade me to step out of the tent. So I laid there another 45 minutes but then it was time to face the reality. I woke Tim and started putting my stuff together. The rain had eased up a bit and by the time we were finishing the breakfast, it had stopped completely. Everything was still wet, of course, including the tent that I packed and put into my bag. But at least it was not raining.

We started again at 9 AM. The progress was slower than a day before, since the roads were softer and often covered with water. The trails were mostly gravel with some forest trails in between. Two hours into the race I suddenly saw a big wild boar running/jumping across the road with a pace that would leave Usain Bolt in awe. Continue reading

Longest Trail In Estonia, part 1

Tim and me, ready to go

A month ago, they opened the longest hike trail in Estonia: 370 km from Oandu (NE of Estonia) to Ikla (SW, at the border of Latvia). When I first learned about it, I knew that I wanted to do that. The other day when I met my childhood friend Tim, who has been travelling the world for years, but is visiting Estonia for two months, we devised a plan to do that trail. Since my schedule is pretty tense right now, all I could do was take 2 days off (+weekend) and therefore we decided to do the trail on bike.

Start Thursday, 2nd of August.

Day 1: Oandu to Nikerjärve (74 km).

6:30AM wake-up call, quick shower, breakfast, packing (I was working until 1:30AM the previous night thus did not have time to pack) and we arrived Oandu some 4 hours later. From the information point we got maps and route description and off we went. The “official” starting time 10:48 AM. Continue reading