How To Gamify Your Life

Cycling gamified

As a co-founder in the first gaming accelerator in Europe, I’m constantly looking for ways to apply the stuff I see and learn at GameFounders. One of the really cool things to do is to find ways to bring more meaning into my daily life and doings. How to do that? Gamify!

The thing is, nothing has to be boring. Everything you do can be turned into a game. The only question is how to do it.

Through trial and error I’ve made two main discoveries: Continue reading



It has been almost two weeks since my last blog post. But I have a perfectly good reason why I’ve not had time to post. I have been busy playing games. And by the way, doing it for only working purposes.

You see, we are launching a new accelerator for gaming and gamification startups – GameFounders. The whole concept of the accelerator is similar to that of Y-Combinator, Techstars and lot of others. We hold a competition and elect 6-10 startups that we will incubate, nurture and give money to (for a small equity), in order to reap the benefits when after the program they will raise a larger amount of money. The only, but a big, difference is that Continue reading