New life

This Tuesday I sold my remaining 50% stake in Advisio.

I founded the company in 2004 and was the sole owner for two years. Only in 2006 when Advisio (back then Funding OÜ) had already 6 employees did I take a business partner, Ander, on board. Together we grew the company to 20+ full-timers by the time I stepped down as a CEO in 2010. Ander has been running the company since.

It is hard to overestimate the meaning of this sale to me. Advisio has been my only source of income from the very beginning in 2004. Thanks to Advisio the last time I worked for someone else was when I was 23 years old. Advisio has enabled me to keep up the lifestyle I’ve had even as I’ve been active with new challenges in the last couple of years. It has enabled me to start Gamefounders.

But just like in a startup, in a consultancy, the time you can be a passive owner, just collecting your yearly dividends, is rather limited. Now as I’ve sold my shares, that time is over for me. It was a very awkward feeling to sign the contract in the notary, selling  the company I built. Yet I’m extremely happy that Advisio continues to exist and the people continue working and creating value for estonian companies and other organisations.

My new life begins now. Not having significant passive income I could count on, it is even more important for me to “go all in” with the things I’m currently involved in professionally (i.e. Gamefounders). The new life means more focus. It means more depth and less breadth. I make a constant decision to drop some activities I do that do not contribute directly to achieving my goals. This includes writing this blog.

Yes, I quit regular blogging.

And a few other habits/activities as well. I’ll probably return to them once I feel that the time is right. But from now on all you could find from this page is perhaps an occasional story or picture. Should you feel the need to find out more about what I’m doing, ask me to a lunch. I’ll always have time for my friends.




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