Gamefounders batch 2, go!

The new guys

The new guys

Last Monday we started our 2nd batch of Gamefounders.

For the next three months I will have long working hours, fair amount of travelling, a fair number of conferences to attend and also a lot of fun helping aspiring young startups.

This time we have eight teams. Three of them come from Italy, two from India, one from Macedonia, Germany and Lithuania each. The games they develop vary a lot – from sports management games to a location-based game (one that actually has active users!), from single player game to MMO. Perhaps the common denominator for these teams is that their member really want to make it big. When I leave the office around 8PM, most of the teams are still here.

The first few days were spent getting settled and going over the administrative stuff. We make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for the startups and they will get to spend as much time as possible actually participating in the programme instead of spending it on, say getting a bank account or, in case of our Indian teams, getting over the state border. Did you know that there’s a thing called airport police?

The old guys

The old guys

In the past couple of days there were mentors already visiting us. We also had a couple of gaming-VCs from Finland and Germany who wanted to get an early view of our startups. I guess this is one of those benefits of being focused – it makes sense for sector VC’s to actually fly over in order to see the potential pipeline of investments.

This week there will be even more mentors coming over and I also try to finish the contracts with all the startups. Then we could focus only on getting the best out of our startups so that they’d be at least as successful as our previous batch. I know that the teams are ready for that!


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