Book Review: Mindset by Carol Dweck

mindsetThe book “Mindset” has a very interesting concept to distinguish people based on how they approach life: the ones with growth mindset and the ones with fixed mindset. The difference being that fixed mindset people believe that individuals are born with their innate abilities and intelligence that cannot be altered much, whereas the growth mindset people believe that all of the abilities that people have are bound to develop with practice.

The message of the book is how much more interesting and abundant the life is for people with growth mindset, how they get further in professional and personal life and enjoy their life more in general. The book points also out how important is to grow your children in growth-mindset perspective, for example praise them not for being intelligent, but giving their best effort.

Most of the content makes very much sense, apart from couple of places here and there when the author tries too much to divide everything in black and white or a rare place when she speaks of terms she is not fully aware of what they mean. She makes the term “hostile takeover” sound like an event of eastern european thugs coming and occupying the company.

The only serious reprimand I have for the book is that it is way too long. It could easily be a third of its current size and still convey all the concept in a very convincing way. Having too much substance for the amount of useful information is a vice lot of books have, but here at times I was really thinking that “Hey, I already got it! Let’s move on.”

Apart from that, I still suggest to read it. Especially for the people who think they can’t, whatever it is they “can’t”. It’s time to stop this bs way of thinking, you know.


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