My first game – Nuvelato – published!

IMG_0058I’m happy to announce that this morning the first game I designed was published in iStore. The name of the game is Nuvelato. It’s a game designed to bring meanful enjoyment even in short stretches of playing.

Nuvelato is a simple yet elegant game that uses Tic-Tac-Toe mechanics on a more sophisticated level. In current version the player plays against the AI (artificial intelligence) – the iPhone. While in TTT it is very easy to play optimally and all the games tend to end in tie, in Nuvelato the strategy is much more sophisticated and a simple mistake would end in a loss to the AI. Yet, the game and main mechanics are easily learned in a minute or two.

IMG_0059The reason I designed the game especially for phone is that I couldn’t find a short yet entertaining game to be played on phone from iStore. The only games I had on my iPhone are Bejewelled-type games that take ages to finish. Well, now I have also Nuvelato – a great little tactics/puzzle game to play in short breaks.

The AI is designed so that it plays well, but not optimally. You are virtually certain to lose the first game, but will probably pick up the strategy pretty quickly. But can you get to the level where you beat the AI on constant basis?

Nuvelato is a premium game and if you have an iPhone, you can buy it here (only €0.89). Let me know how you like it!


2 thoughts on “My first game – Nuvelato – published!

    • Hehee:)

      See oli jah challenge, kuidas teha versioon, mis mängib hästi, aga samas on võidetav, et mängijal ei tekiks lootusetuse tunnet. Seda kuue-käigu-võidu bugi ma ei teadnud..peab eemaldama:)

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