Slush and Game Connection

GF booth@Game Connection

GF booth@Game Connection

In the past two weeks we had two Demo Days: one in Helsinki at Slush and the other one in Paris at Game Connection.

Slush is a startup event that has grown to a huge event with more than 3000 people (it was actually sold out this year) attending. The conference is also a place for startups to pitch and get feedback to their ideas and pitches. There were way more than 100 startups pitching alltogether.

Although Slush is not a gaming event, we decided to pitch there because that’s the conference where most of the investors of the Scandinavian region are present. In the event I noticed that these kind of conferences are actually having more and more gaming content in them. At Slush there were sessions with EA, Playfish, Rovio, Supercell, GameFounders and also some technologies used almost exclusively at games (Unity etc). Well, considering that everything is moving into mobile and majority of the apps downloaded are games, in makes totally sense.

Baila Games in action

Practising Baila

Game Connection is the place where video games professionals meet. It is held three times per year – in Paris, San Francisco and Shanghai. Although there are sessions, the main idea of the event is the 1:1 meetings. It is a pure gaming event thus straight to the point for us.

Both Demo Days went very well and our teams established some good and promising contacts with publishers. Now the teams are off to San Francisco where they have some more publisher meetings and the final Demo Day. I did not go to SF this time, but to another event in the Balkans. More about it soon!


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