Demo Day!

Just two weeks shy of a year ago we had Demo Day in Oxygen Accelerator. Had anyone told me back then that in a year I would be having a Demo Day of my own accelerator I would have considered the person to be on strong medication or something. Yet yesterday, here we were, 6 teams from 6 countries presenting their games to the 50+ strong audience in our Tehnopol premises in Tallinn.

GameFounders Demo Day was the first European demo day ever for any gaming accelerator and served as a first accord in the road show for our startups. The next week we will demo in the Slush conference in Helsinki, then a week after that in Game Connection in Paris and on 10th of December in San Francisco.

I am very satisfied with our first ever Demo Day! All of our 6 teams had prepared meticulously for the event and made their best presentations. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • BAD SEED: seven former Ubisoft employees from Italy decided to move forward and start creating their own games. Their new startup is working on a cool portfolio – they have already published a perspective changing iOS game Sheep Up! and are working on a couple of new titles, one of which is already at a playable demo stage.
  • GLOWFORTH: three young specialists from 
    Holland are creating a new kind of single player co-op game with mesmerizing graphics and gameplay. The startup will demo their game at the demo days, but the teaser video shows off the style.
  • MIND ON GAMES: two gamers and football fans from Argentina are bringing their passion to a football manager browser game. The startup has made some deals for user acquisition and dramatically raised the user retention rate.
  • PLAN B LABS: four young enthusiasts from Hungary, who have a different vision on how languages should be learned while having fun doing it. The main product will be launched after the demo days, but the game is already available.
  • BAILA: Baila Games get the party going! It is an Estonian board game company ruling the offline game charts in Estonia with their range of party games. The startup has developed a mobile game to complement the offline games and is also moving the offline sales to larger markets.
  • AKIRA MOBILE: Three gaming professionals from Lithuania have managed to grab eye-popping user numbers in two small markets of Latvia and Lithuania with their social network game Planera. The startup just launched in Poland and we are anxiously waiting to see what’s going to happen when these guys enter larger markets!

Looking at their well-polished and enthusiastic presentations I thought of the Demo Day we had in Oxygen. Now, a year later, I’ve exited LogistIT and am having the Demo Day in my own accelerator. A scenario I could not have imagined back then. But well, this is really the thing that makes life worth living – you never know what will happen! Can’t wait to see where we will be in a year with GF!


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