Casual Connect Kiev

Kiev at night

This week I participated in Casual Connect in Kiev, Ukraine. It’s a gaming industry event with participants not only from Eastern Europe, but also from other parts of Europe and Asia. On my flight to Kiev I saw colleagues from Fortumo and Creative Mobile – both companies are our investors and mentors – also heading there.

The event was good with some interesting sessions and good networking where I managed to get some useful contacts and spread the word of GameFounders and our next batch. In both evenings there were also parties thrown by conference sponsors.

It was my first time in Kiev and Ukraine. A few things I noticed:

* People are friendly and smile much more than in Estonia

Morning coffee with my friend from Swedish Institute Management Programme, Klaudia

* In general, locals do not speak english. No matter the age.

* The food is awesome! In fact, I don’t remember a country where the average quality of food was so high as here.

* Seat belts and speed limits are for wussies. Kind of like in Estonia in the 90’s (now everybody wears it) where it made you “less of a man”, if you fastened your seat belt. This probably still holds in Ukraine. On the positive side, should you have a crash and your brains end up spread out on the windshield, your relatives would at least have the consolation that you died as a hero.

* Pedestrians, beware. The bigger one has the first go.

Way too much juice on that table, bro’!

* The city centre is really nice. Have to come back some day.

* You see a lot of policemen (Militia:) on the street. For some funny reason most of them wear jackets 2-3 numbers larger than their size. Perhaps they look more frightening this way?!


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