I exit LogistIT

Last Monday I sold my shares in LogistIT to my fellow shareholders there. For the last 9 months I’ve been so busy with GameFounders that I haven’t had almost any time to do anything for LogistIT, so this was a practical step forward. There’s only so much time that you can be a passive shareholder in a startup. We departed on very friendly terms and I’m glad that the guys are continuing work on the product and with customers from 2 countries that we already have.

Jüri, me, Tarmo in Oxygen Accelerator

With LogistIT everything went rapidly. Just a couple of months after me joining the team, we went to Oxygen Accelerator in the UK. There we launched the new version of the product and worked out our business- and marketing plans. After returning from Oxygen I did a short stint in Oasis500 bootcamp in Jordan while Jüri and Tarmo continued the work on the product.

At this point the LogistIT product is in a stage where I can say that it is the best tool for fleet managers. Unlike tracking providers, it really concentrates on the tasks a fleet managers have to do and makes them easy and intuitive.

I wish my fellow co-founders the best of luck with LogistIT and I really hope that the product will fly high!


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