How to rewrite history

At the end of August sports history was rewritten. Not only the history itself, but also the rules of writing the history were rewritten. Before 24th of August 2012, in order to be convicted with positive drug test, you’d actually have to give the positive test. Now (and in the past) it’s no longer necessary. It is sufficient if there are couple of people testifying against you. Even if it happened a decade ago.

World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) had fought for years and they finally managed to ‘strip’ Lance Armstrong of his record-breaking 7 consecutive Tour de France titles. They did not manage to find any trace of doping in his tests from that time, but they did find several people (some of them later actually did give positive tests) to say that they saw Lance using it.

It is just so wrong.

No only for the obvious reason of changing today the rules of the past, but there’s something else, too. You see, now we have a bunch of new winners for Tour de France’s of 1999-2005. Out of them, 1 (Ullrich) tested positive a few years after his now-suddenly-won Tour, some others (Zülle, Beloki) have admitted using doping. The sad thing is, should WADA go through the same witch hunt with each of the new winners, we would soon have 7 new new winners of the Tour. But WADA does not do that. Some scalps are just more important than the others.

I’m trying to help WADA out here

Now WADA faces a serious problem. The mission accomplished, hundreds of their workers are probably sitting idle with nothing to do. But they would definitely like to continue their work on making the sports more honest and fair, no matter the tools used. Hey, here’s an idea for you guys – I’ve heard rumors that in the Quarter Finals of the World Cup of 1986, an argentinian footballer named Diego Maradona hit a goal to England with his hand (clearly forbidden act in football). Now, I’m sure, if you search well enough, you would find a few people to testify against Argentina. Just think – you could strip the evil Maradona and his teammates from the World Champions title that they got. After all, this would be the fair thing to do, right?!


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