It has been almost two weeks since my last blog post. But I have a perfectly good reason why I’ve not had time to post. I have been busy playing games. And by the way, doing it for only working purposes.

You see, we are launching a new accelerator for gaming and gamification startups – GameFounders. The whole concept of the accelerator is similar to that of Y-Combinator, Techstars and lot of others. We hold a competition and elect 6-10 startups that we will incubate, nurture and give money to (for a small equity), in order to reap the benefits when after the program they will raise a larger amount of money. The only, but a big, difference is that we only accept startups that create games or gamified apps.

We have devised our program to be something that an aspiring gaming startup needs. One of our co-founders, Paul Bragiel, is an industry veteran, almost all of the mentors come from the sector. We have investors with gaming background and also lined up a bunch of follow-up investors interested in the sector.

That far the interest has exceeded our expectations. We have received more than 130 applications from 35 countries! The large diaspora is probably thans to some featured articles in TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, PC World and tens of other news sources.

And this has led me to play games almost every evening for the past week to try to identify the teams and games that have what it takes to succeed. Gladly I’m not alone in this mission, the other co-founders are busy doing the same and in the final rounds, there will be a committee of industry specialists evaluating the startups. But until then – I still have a lot of more games to try!


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