First sub-40 min 10k!

Me, at another competition in 2010

I had another idea for this week’s blog post but since yesterday I achieved one of the goals I had established myself a few years ago, I just had to make a post about it.

A couple of years ago when I started running again after a long (injury-related) pause, I set myself three goals:

– run a sub 3-minute kilometre;

– run a sub 40-minute 10k;

– run a sub 3-hour marathon.

The first one seemed to be the easiest, in highschool I twice ran a 3:05 km, but I was far from my best shape at the time of the run. Sub 40-minute 10 km seemed a bit harder and faster-than-3-hours marathon the hardest. This scale still holds today. The only reason I have not done a 2:50 something kilometre is that I have not tried. A 2:59 marathon I’m not capable of, yet. Nevertheless, a month ago, when I registered to Paf Tartu Olympic run, I was thinking about getting one of the three goals down.

Sometimes things do not go the way you wanted. I was not able to do much running for the last couple of weeks due to my work schedule and when the weather forecast promised strong wind, cold weather and rain for the competition day, I thought seriously about substituting the idea for a record-breaking run with an idea of a good long training run. After all, it’s only at the weekends when I have enough time to make longer (2,5h+) trainings.

So on Friday, I made an intensive brick (1:15 indoor cycling followed by a 45 minute run) in the evening, thinking that I would not try to run my best the following day. But, on Saturday morning, when the gun went off, I suddenly realized. I realized that it is just not possible for me to jog 10k, when everybody else around me is *running*. So some 5 seconds later, when I crossed the starting line, I knew that I was going to run a sub 40 minute 10k.

I started from the last starting group, but there were only 300 people starting before me. So by the 3rd kilometre I was already in the “free water” able to run at my own pace. It was also approximately at that time when I realised that the tempo was a bit too brave. I had run only a fourth of the distance and I still had to run some 3 more kilometers against the fierce headwind (the second part of the run being luckily tailwind). So I slowed down a bit. At the midpoint the time was 19:18 and although it was getting harder, I knew that unless something happens, I have enough spare time to make it. Couple of kilometers before the finish I accelerated a bit and finished with 39:03, 8 minutes behind the winner and 2 minutes behind the ladies’ winner. Place: 63 / 904.


km  time
1    3:48
2     3:45
3     3:40
4     4:02
5     4:03
6     4:01
7     4:05
8     3:53
9     3:56
10   3:50

Thus, 1 down, 2 to go. The first goal will also be done this year, the sub-3-hour marathon would have to wait a year or two.


2 thoughts on “First sub-40 min 10k!

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