Copenhagen Marathon

20 minutes to the start

Last Sunday I ran Copenhagen Marathon.

This was the fourth marathon in my life and second in the last four weeks. Why would I run two marathons in a month? I mean, the common wisdom says that you’d have to recover as least a couple of months and then leave time for preparation and tapering. My answer to that question is: Well, why wouldn’t I?! After all, life is too short to postpone the things you want to do.

When I visited Mexico three years ago, I had to wait in the immigration line for an hour. Just before me stood a tall and slender guy with a shirt “I ran Western States 100 miles”. I asked him: “Did you really run 100 miles?!”. We started chatting. It appeared that this guy, William, does not run marathons as competitions. He runs them for training. Twice per week. Plus some shorter (20k, 30k) runs. As competitions, the minimum he does is 100 km. It’s just not worth the hassle of driving to the event place for only 42k run.

Western States 100 altitude map. For comparison, one of the hilliest marathons, Boston Marathon’s altitude map is added, too. Notice the difference in length and altitude?

As the line was still moving very slowly, we continued to chat and I found out that Bill is a renowned biotech scientist turned entrepreneur. He has co-founded two startups and is serving as a CEO in one of them. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

The Estonian statement “the one who does a lot, achieves a lot” holds true again. And not only that. Bill is totally disobeying the conventional wisdom that would say that running a marathon twice per week is sheer madness. And by neglecting it, Bill is capable of achieving so much more.

My marathon in Copenhagen, only 42,2 km, was awesome. The sun was shining, the spectators were cheering for the whole route and my feeling was excellent. I ran with a comfortable pace and finished with the second best time of my life. The only time I had been quicker was exactly four weeks ago.


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