What to do when you get cheated in a shell game?

Another golden opportunity for you

Every once in a while I take a look at my blogs visitors statistics. It still amazes me that each day, each single day, there is at least one (usually 3-4) people who have found my blog through search phrases connected to the shell game, the scam which I described in one of my previous posts. Search phrases such as “shell game london”, “three shell game scam” and “what to do when I get cheated in shell game” are pretty regular.

This constant frequency shows that the problem is pretty acute. People get cheated and lose money on regular basis. But then, what should you do when you get cheated in a shell game? Well, I have only one suggestion here:

Learn a lesson. 

And that's how it really is

The money is gone. You are not going to get it back. The best thing you can do I learn something from it and save yourself some money the next time when somebody seems to be handling it away for free. Just think about it: does it really make sense that you encounter a game and find a way to outplay the facilitator, while the hundreds of people before you were not able to (otherwise he would not be in the business, would he)? When something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Not that there aren’t situations where the market is wrong; there certainly are. Just be sure to think it all through before you bet your money, time or other resources into something.

In life is pays off to be a little bit sceptical. Don’t take it to the point where you are being paranoid, but a little bit of healthy skepticism certainly helps. It helps you to avoid dissappointments and maybe also the need to google “what do do when I get cheated in a shell game” in the future.


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