How to Lose Weight?

Couple of my friends have recently told me that they are a little worried because their weight is reaching new highs. One of them described me his feelings when he stepped on the scale and for the first time in his life he stared at a 3-digit number. So as it often happens, both of these friends are now undertaking a training program to get rid of the extra flab which has now far exceeded the point where it is just hiding the (obviously fabulous) 6-pack.

But guess what. There is a much easier way to lose weight than undertaking a rigorous training programme. No, Im not telling you to stop going to McDonalds or stop putting a centimeter thick layer of butter on your sandwich. The method I’m suggesting (and latest scientific research advocates) is much simpler:

Stop  d r i n k i n g  calories.

Yes, it is as simple as that. At lunch, drink water instead of coke or juice. Do not put 3 spoonfuls of sugar into your coffee, in fact, do not put any. It only takes a couple of weeks to get used to enjoying your tea or coffee without sugar and you’d be amazed that there was a time when you actually enjoyed this yucky sugary drink.

The difference does not lay (only) in reducing the calorie intake. The main difference lays in changing the metabolism of your body. You see, your body gets energy from two main sources: fats and carbohydrates (for the simplicity’s sake I treat glycogen as a carbohydrate here). Fat contains a lot of more energy than carbohydrates do. However, the energy from carbohydrates is a little bit easier for your body to access. Thus, if there is a quick way to use the energy from carbohydrates available, your body would “prefer” to use the quick energy from carbohydrates to the energy from fat.

The problem with pretty much all the sugary drinks (including juice with added sugar) is that the sugar in them is pure clycose which is obtained by your body pretty much instantly. And if your body gets this sudden “sugar-rush”, there is no reason for it to use fat as the energy source. Worse than that, in the longer run it’s ability to use fat-metabolism decreases and it becomes dependant of these sugars. In a way, your body “forgets” how to burn fat, even during the time when you are not drinking that glycose. And the fat keeps on building up like the cash on Apple’s bank account.

So if you want to lose weight, or even maintain it, teach your body NOT to rely on fast carbohydrates you get from the sugary drinks. And adding some running and weight exercises every once in a while won’t hurt either. Then one day, you maybe be back to highschool. In weight terms, that is.


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