Ignite100 investor day

Yesterday I participated in Ignite100 investor day in London. My friend Taavi was pitching his startup and sent me an invitation, too. So I went there to see what the teams from Newcastle’s accelerator were up to and maybe get some investor action myself.

EventBrite send me an e-mail a day before with the starting time of 9:15 AM. So I was there 10 minutes before that only to find out that the actual kick-off time was indeed 10 AM. Since there was no-one to stop me, I walked in the auditorium to find the teams doing the final rehearsal of the pitches. Extra value! So I actually got to all pitches, except one, twice. And here they are (in the order of the appearance):

Givey – social giving platform that lets you donate to charities instantly via SMS or Twitter

Odimax – social media intelligence site that enables to handle all social media activity from one place. Aimed mostly at marketing and PR-agencies.

Taavi having his go. The ones with very razor-sharp eyesight can also see Mikk in the left corner.

CrowdIPR – online network of technology and intellectual property experts that utilizes the collective knowledge of its members to provide easily accesible and affordable IP services. Do you want to crowdsource your patent research? Use CrowdIPR!

Blooie – brings the conversation back to the content providers website. To give a quick example – when somebody shares a link to some article of The Economist, then all the comments people make appear only in Facebook. Blooie aims to bring this conversation back to the website so that the ad-revenue will not be missed by the magazine.

Usable – online project management tool which concentrates on requirements management.

RentMama – an online marketplace for independant small- and medium sized car rental businesses. Ever wanted to get a better deal than Avis or Hertz can offer you? Well, use Rentmama. Now available in the UK, Czech Republic and Latvia, but soon in other countries, too. And remember, mama knows better!

Blink Collective – online global community toward the ‘Experience Economy’, where people want to ‘do’, rather than ‘have’. Indeed I have to check out their website. 🙂

Pin or peg – (the compulsory) fashion recommendation engine.

ArtSpotter – “Foursquare meets Timeout for the art World”. A mush-have app for art-lovers. Available in App Store and very soon in Android Market, too.

Read more from Techcrunch.


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