Oasis500, a surprise

This is the moment when I wished I'd taken my camera with me

Yesterday something spectacular happened. During the branding session, a beautiful girl opened the door and stepped in. Half of the people stood up and you could hear a lot of ooh-s and aah-s. Probably some local supermodel, I thought, but what would she be doing here? Saad enlightened me: that is our Queen! The facilitator interrupted the session and asked her majesty to have a a few words to us. So she did, after a few greetings in very good english she continued in arabic. After the 10-minute speech she stayed to listen the branding session for half an hour and then left. During the next coffee break she was obviously the subject of discussion. Everybody seems to like her.

That's her photographed with a better camera from a better angle by a better photographer

Apparently it is not common here to see somebody like the queen in person here. That’s quite different in Estonia where you can see celebrities in person pretty much every day. For example if you want to meet the PM in person, go skiing in Otepää on regular basis and I assure you will meet him. But in countries other than Estonia, in order to meet the head of the country, you have to be in startup accelerator, apparently. In Oxygen we met David Cameron, now here the Queen of Jordan.

The program itself continues. The sessions are very good and I’ve learned a few new things allright. I will write a short overview once the program finishes. But I can already say it was totally worth coming here.

There’s a saying: “don’t fight it. Embrace it”. I tried to embrace it for three days but after yet another 5 AM wake-up call this morning I asked the hotel administration for a new room facing some other direction. They said yes. As tomorrow is a free day and I’ll be meeting my fellow entrepreneurs for breakfast no earlier than 10 AM, I’m already looking for that long sleep. 🙂


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