Oasis500 bootcamp in Jordan, day 1.

I’m in Amman, Jordan, participating in a Oasis500 bootcamp. We applied to Oasis500 with LogistIT and got accepted into the program in November. Back then were not able to participate because we were already in Oxygen. I had a Skype talk with Oasis500 people and they asked me to come and pitch the idea in January. So here I am.

I took me a full day to get from Tallinn to Amman. My first flight took off 6:40 AM on Sunday morning and I made it to my hotel in Amman 1:30 AM today. Just 6 hours later I was already in King Hussein Business Park. The programme itself lasts for a week and Friday is the day off. I do get to do some sightseeing, after all.

The house rules in Oasis500 are strict. Each day starts at 8 AM and finishes 6:30 PM. If you are late up to 10 minutes, you have to pay a fine of 5 Jordanian Dinar (6 EUR). 11-20 minutes late, 10 JOD. If you are late for more than 21 minutes, don’t bother to show up. If you are late 5 minutes, but do not have the 5 JOD to pay immediately, don’t bother to show up either. If you don’t show up for one day – thank you, you can apply again for the next programme. I kind of like this system – applied in estonian universities for example, I could not see the quality of the students not increase significantly.

We have some 50-60 companies from 8 countries here. The countries include United States and Iraq (good combination, I know), Egypt and Estonia (only me obviously), United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Jordan. Everybody already got to pitch their idea. All of the ideas are in ICT and we did get some repetitions. Three entrepreneurs pitched the idea of creating an online marketplace where people can make appointments with doctors and find out which doctors accept their insurance etc. Not too exciting idea in Europe but here definitely much more, considered that three startups are doing it. There were lot of other ideas, including those about communities for football, another one for investors and of course a fashion recommendation engine (each modern accelerator program has one).

I will stop this posting for today because I still need to do the homework for tomorrow. But here’s some homework for you too, dear reader: here are the two WC doors – one for men and the other one for women. Which one is which? What do you think, how did I figure that out?


10 thoughts on “Oasis500 bootcamp in Jordan, day 1.

  1. About the doors… not sure but if just thinking about muslims I assume the left one is for male customers… as the left-handed knob refers to the use of left hand which finds its only leading acitivity in this institution. can´t explain why female side has it opposite:)

    Good luck in finding “new ways” and doing right decisions!

  2. I think the one on the left is for ladies. It looks to me that there is a smiley face on the door, and women would have more emotions involved (yes, even about going to the toilet, haha), whereas the other door on the right is just plain – go and do your business and come back out sort of a thing… 🙂

    Not sure if I would’ve survived the trip to the toilet… ? 🙂

    Then again… there is a close up photo of the one on the left, so you must have gone there.

  3. Anna-Liisa, ma ei ütleks küll, et naistel just märkimisväärselt rohkem emotsioone oleks vetsus käimisega seoses. Kui palju oled Sa kuulnud naistest, kes lähevad vetsu aega maha võtma? Mitte palju. Aga paljud mehed võtavad isegi ajalehed kaasa! 😛

    Aga see on muidugi selline USA-tüüpi maade teema, kükipoti peale lehte lugema vast ei lähe.

    Aga nüüd teemasse, et kumb on kumb? Mul tekkis neid pilte vaadates küll mitu teooriat, aga mitte ükski ei anna tulemust, mille peale julgeks pead panustada. Kuidas ma arvan, et Sa selle välja mõtlesid? Kui Sa just ei tea midagi, mida ma ei tea (mis on küll üsna tõenäoline), siis Sa…

    A) Küsisid kellegi käest
    B) Jälgisid teiste minekuid-tulekuid
    C) Googeldasid… nagu mina seda just tegin :))

  4. Maret – you nailed it. I did not have anybody around to ask, but I knew that out of 60 people somebody must be in one of those rooms during the coffee break – so #2 it was.

    Anna-Liisa – I do not know if your theory is right, however, this is exactly the way how I will memorize the solution for the future. 🙂

    Ivar, Matti – nice try guys. 🙂

  5. The one on the left is the lady’s room, the other one is the men’s, how I know

    copy and paste the writing on each door and paste to google translator !!

    Hey just kidding, its actually written on each door in Arabic.

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