Vietnam is easily one of my favourite countries in Asia. One of the five communist countries in the world, you can still see a lot of things that you cannot in other places. Just to mention a few of them:


1) those cone-shaped hats for women
2) women walking around with portable kitchens on either end of the bamboo-stick on their shoulders
3) Endless swarms of motorbikes, some of them loaded with cargo that you would not be able to fit into a SUV in Europe
4) super-narrow buildings, even at the countryside where there is plenty of land
5) endless ricefields. Did you know that Vietnam is the worlds largest exporter of rice and the second largest exporter of coffee?
6) The ability of locals to stabilize tens of kilos of goods on their heads

Two years ago when I first visited Vietnam, I travelled only in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and around. This time I also got to see some other places such as Da Lat, Mui Ne and several places at Mekong Delta. For those visiting Vietnam I suggest getting outside of big cities because the country really is beautiful.

Floating Market at Mekong delta

Habitats on Mekong

Local Transportation

Fancy a duck?

chinese chess

Mekong delta

Walking market


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