I found a new hobby.

When I was planning what to do in Bali, I had two “must-do’s” – trekking and surfing. In the ten days here I managed to do both.


I went surfing yesterday in Legian/Kuta area. I did not want to take an official course because they last for the whole day, so I found a adequate-looking guy the day before to teach me. The lesson was just the way I like it: less conversation, more action. After two minutes of theory we went to the water. The teacher was awesome. His name was Agung and he had been surfing for 17 years and apparently teaching it as self-employed, too. On my second try I was already standing on the board and after some 10-15 minutes enjoying full rides until the beach. Surfing is awesome! For my next vacation this is a must.

The trekking was enjoying the sunrise in mt. Batur. Batur is a (passive) volcano in the middle of Bali. We woke up at 3 AM and two hours later we were already at the top of Batur (some 1700m). Because of the fog we were not able to see the sunrise, but as we started to descend, the weather started to clear up and we got to see a beautiful view to the largest lake of Bali. On the way back we also saw the surrounding ricefields and temples which were also pretty nice.


We also tried whitewater rafting and did some yoga here. What made whitewater rafting different from the experiences I’d had in Australia and Thailand was the 4-metre waterfall just before the end. That was pretty exciting! Yoga was a bit different than Ashtanga I’m used to. Luckily, still all physical and not mental.:)

Tomorrow – off to Vietnam!

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