The Other Teams, part 2

This post continues the description of the other teams we were together with in Oxygen Accelerator.

Faizan from Seesr

Seesr – Seesr changes the way people interact with videos. They have developed a prototype of a technology which enables to tag objects in a video and then click on them. So if you are watching a scene of James Bond on YouTube and think that it must be his shirt why all the women want him, then you can just pause the video, click on that shirt and be directed to the online store where you can buy it. The store would get revenue, Seesr would get kickback and you’d get that incredible women-taming shirt – everybody’s happy. And then you’d finish watching this Bond movie and learn some cool lines in the process.
Faizan and Alex have been working on this technology for couple of years already and the prototype they have now is pretty promising.

Mr. Barbu from StoreBeez

StoreBeez – Four “young and angry” men from Romania offer small storeowners the opportunity to go online without any down payment and with minimum hassle. For example if you have a store selling James Bond shirts, you can start doing it online and all you’d have to pay is 10% of commission on the sales generated by the website. In my eyes, it kind of makes sense for long-tail stores to use a service such as StoreBeez. In the beginning, the storeowners would have to be responsible for delivering the goods, but as StoreBeez grows, they plan to start offering the delivery services. And boy are they ambitious – Tudor, Alex, Cosmin and Erol plan to sign 1200 stores in year 1. This means 4 stores per working day!

Team OwnedIt in action

OwnedIt – Four young but experienced entrepreneurs from India are entering the eCommerce scene with a solution which aims to increase online-retailers revenue but using social network sharing. So let’s say that you just finished buying this James Bond shirt online and just after the checkout you are offered the opportunity to share it with your twitter/facebook/… community. Now if you do that, even if only 1% of the people you sent the information to ends up buying this awesome shirt, in the longer run it makes a lot of difference to the storeowner. I think that Manoj, Shash, Sonu & Prem might be on to something big here and and if they manage to attract a lot of online retailers, the business could be worth quite a bit.

Hobzy guys

Hobzy – Hobzy is the facebook of your hobbies. Or the way Adam, Dan and Andy call it – it’s the platform for your pastimes. The whole concept make sense. I know several people who blog about their hobbies on regular basis, let it be cooking or running or making jewelery. The problem with blogging though is that you could only see the last couple of posts and not the whole portfolio. In Hobzy you can put or the photoes, videos, description etc in the order and layout you want to.
Hobzy has an older brother – hostmyportfolio. As you probably guessed, hostmyportfolio is hobzy for professional purposes. For example a lawyer who has a lot of crooks as his customers can brag there by putting up their faces and deeds and describe his achievements of keeping them out of jail.
Hobzy was launched just 10 days before the Demo Day and with the those days it got 7200 users. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! And the best thing – now there’s finally a place where you can show off your James Bond shirts!


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