Cameron, football and modern lesbians

In a recent week we have had quite a few things happening here in Birmingham. Here’s a short recap:

David himself

1) Today, the PM David Cameron visited Birmingham Science Park and Oxygen Accelerator. The visit was a short one, lasted maybe an hour. It had two very important benefits: a) I got to see the guy first time; and even more importantly: b) We had to clean up the mess in our office before his visit. The office looks again a little bit more like a working space and less like a refugee camp.

2) There was a football game between England and Spain last Saturday. The pubs were pretty full but we managed to find a table to have dinner. Together with the usual folk you would expect to find in a pub, there were a couple of policemen standing at the bar and watching the game. They were in their full outfit – police suits, yellow reflective vests, batons on their belts etc. Only the helmets were removed and used as armrests. When they game ended, they sat back into they police car and went back to duty. Of course, a friendly game against world champions is an important event. But still – impressive lobbying skills of the police workers union, I would say.

The CEO and CTO have just agreed the concept of Whack-a-Cake.

3) In the Cannon Hill Park where I go running there’s a big modern building of Midlands Art Centre. This Saturday I finally went in for the first time. The current exhibition there is named “Modern Lesbian“. There were some 30-40 kids running around in the centre. The sex-education sure has developed from the time when I was in school!

4) Last weekend a charity event for children in need was held in Birmingham and as a part of this event Oxygen people programmed a cool game called whackacake – play it here! I was not involved, but Jüri spent the whole weekend in the office – kudos for him for that!


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