Estonian startups in accelerators

Hemingway once wrote that you would find an estonian sailor in any port in the world. Today the same holds true for estonian start-ups in startup-accelerators. Although the whole concept of start-up accelerators is fairly new, there are quite a few estonian companies involved already (company – accelerator):

300milligrams  – 500startups

Campalyst – Seedcamp

CrowdIPR – Ignite100

Erply – Seedcamp

GrabCad – Techstars, Seedcamp

LogistIT – Oxygen – StartupChile

MyDogNotes – StartupChile

Pipedrive – AngelPad

Publification – SpringBoard

QMinder – SeedCamp, StartupSauna

Sportlyzer – Seedcamp

Transferwise – Seedcamp

Zerply – 500startups

In case I missed any, let me know!


One thought on “Estonian startups in accelerators

  1. Good summary:) I have heard about most of them but few where new for me. Good to see the list toghether with accelerators:)

    BTW: 1st link in the row has some href error so it does not link properly..

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