Britons, food and attractiveness

Your average breakfast

“NO WAY you would get a steak with rice in this pub!”. Everybody in the pub turned their heads to see what had caused the angriness of the bartender.

He continued: “If you want to eat your steak with rice then you’d have to order ANOTHER dish with rice and then eat the rice from that plate”.

Well, I was not going to order two dishes for lunch so there it was – another round of chips for me. Chips – for those never been in Britain – are actually french fries. My bet is that britons were not willing to admit that their favourite food was invented by their neighbours, that’s why they call it “chips” instead. In my first month in the UK I ate more fries, sorry, chips, than I had eaten in the last three years. Chips are the standard side for dishes in Britain and it’s only in some pubs where you could change it for jacket potato (one big potato, boiled and served without peeling) or mashed potatoes. Very rarely you could change it to rice. Britons have never heard of regular boiled potatoes. And whenever you go to a pub, you would see that pretty much everybody eats fries, sorry, chips.

Now, when you look at the people on the streets in Britain and Estonia you can easily get the feeling that there is a famine in Estonia (for non-estonians reading – there’s not). It’s just that average estonian look much healthier (read: thinner) than average brit. And more attractive therefore, also.

Four estonians and an ukranian in a mexican restaurant

Attractiveness is relative, of course. If you are average but everybody around you are ugly, you look attractive. If you are average but everybody around you attractive, then you look rather ugly. So I could not help but start to wonder: is it some quiet-deal between britons that states that: “when we all eat junk food and gain fat, then everybody would still look relatively attractive. Hmm, but what about those foreigners coming to the UK, they would look more attractive than we do, don’t they? Well, let us let in the country only the stupid foreigners, stupidity is never attractive! But how can we keep the smart ones out?”

 That must be how they designed the laws for opening the bank accounts. 🙂


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