London Minibar

Startups are not only innovative with their daily business, but also pretty much everything else they do: in the way they network, present themselves and even how they feel inclined to give back to the community. This Friday I participated in my first real startup-networking event in England: London Minibar. MiniBar is meetup for internet professionals .The morning started with a founder story by James Leavesley from CrowdControlHQ (which was very interesting btw) and after the lunch we – maybe half of the Oxygen teams – started heading towards London.

One thing I really like about startup-events is that they are not so much about learning, but more about networking. Thus, even though there are several presentations, none of them exceeds 5 minutes in duration – thus you don’t get bored. There is no death-by-powerpoint what you would experience in so many other events. A 3-minute presentation of a company is just so much more enjoyable to listen to than a half-an-hour one. You would just get the core message, no arbitrary details (c’mon, who really cares to listen which colleges the founders attended or how the industry has developed for the last 30 years).

This. And unlimited refills.

The same held true for London Minibar. The event started at 6 with networking and free beer, then at 7 we had 6 presentations from start-ups (with introduction they took less than half an hour) and then the event continued with networking and even more free beer. I’m not much of a drinker, so I had only one, but I saw several others using the possibility to “earn back” their tube tickets.:)

The presenting companies had pretty interesting ideas. The ones I still remember, were Housebites, Clipdo, Fitfinder, Floxxx, Leemail. I won’t stop on them at this point, if interested, you can always google them. The main idea for me was to network and I pulled this one, I think.:)


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