E-book reader – a must-have!

My New Toy

Today I finished my first (complete) book on my new Kindle. So far I had been reading mostly magazines and sample books in Kindle, so “The Time Paradox” by Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd was the first “real” book I finished. And a good one also, but this is not the subject of this posting.

When deciding to buy an e-reader, I had three main reasons to do so:

1) The e-books are cheaper than paper-books, also I don’t have to pay for shipping.

2) With an e-book I could start reading it right away whereas with regular books I would have to wait for several weeks before I could start using them.

3) While travelling, my backpack’s BMI would stay at the normal range

 When deciding which e-reader to buy, my decision was between Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble’s Nook. The design and usability of Nook appeared to be better while Kindle seemed to have a bit larger selection of e-books and had them also at a slightly lower price. At the end, the deciding factor behind choosing Kindle was the state of Barnes&Noble – compared to them, Ford seems a successful company. B&N’s share price has fallen some 75% from the top and last financial statements are indeed not very encouraging. I chose Kindle because I was not sure about the sustainability of the comany and then the Nook’s book-market.

 I love my Kindle from the day 1. All the forementioned reasons hold and I’ve found another even more important reason to own an e-reader: it’s very comfortable to use. While reading a paper book, you would always have to have one hand holding the book open, while an e-reader can just be in front of you and the only times you need to use your hands is when turning the pages. This makes a whole lot of difference when you are sunbathing, for example. Also, the screen of the e-reader reflects much less light than paper, thus it is much more readable at the direct sunlight. When I open the Kindle, it is always at the page where I left it the last time. Added the facts that it is light and pretty small and that you can download the sample of the book before you choose to buy it, you probably understand why I love the device that much.

 So I totally suggest to buy one, in case you are an avid reader like myself. I do suggest to consider Nook, also, because of the forementioned advantages over Kindle. But I’m sure that once you make up your mind and get an e-reader, you will soon wonder why didn’t you do that earlier.


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