What’s going on in the office?*

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So this post is worth more than ten thousand words. Enjoy!:)

Matt from Amazon Web Services. This was probably the only slide which I was able to understand..

One of the other teams getting mentored

Listening to the founder stories

The Founders

There's still some time left

LogistIT is the company that...


C'mon! You have to believe me!

The scene was pretty packed at Mentor Day

Mark just before the the commencement

Changing the world does make one hungy

Mentor Day it is

* Most pictures are taken from Oxygen Accelerator blog at http://oxygenaccelerator.com/blog/


One thought on “What’s going on in the office?*

  1. Finally found your blog from your FB post. It’s so great to read about your thoughts and feelings when going through this OA camp. It’s absolutely something that I would like to participate some day in the future also:)

    I will subscribe to your blog and hope for frequent updates on your progress there!

    BTW: If I can be any assistance to you at these “rush months” just let me know – I would gladly help you to polish your product:)

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