The Mentor Day

I finally learned to use the gym equipment.

Not so sporty evening

Before coming to Birmingham, I made a little search and found that the gym of Aston University was just 100 meters from our office. Thus on Monday we went there with Jüri and bought a one-month membership. My idea was to do some aerobic training on bike or indoor rower to supplement the yoga and prepare me to the skiing season in winter. However, as it turned out, we would have to pass the instruction on how to use the gym equipment, regardless of the fact that we had no intention whatsoever to use the weight-machines and the fact that we had used gym equipment before. Apparently there had not been any injuries in the Aston University Gym and they wanted it to stay that way. And maybe not lose a law-case in case someone did injure himself there. Instruction it was. We went from one machine to the other and the very helpful gym-attendant would sit on each one of the machines and show all possible movements, load changing possibilities and cautionary tactics. Although very annoying, I must admit, the instruction was very professional and even included information about the muscle groups that each one of those machines address.

If I had one of those when I was younger, I might have became Rein Taaramäe

Some half an hour later we were able to sit on the bikes and start pedalling. The bikes were pretty cool, Trixter’s X-Dream bikes which have a screen and create a virtual reality MTB-ride where you actually have to change gears and turn the handlebars. We sat on the adjacent bikes with Jüri and made a multiplayer race where I could see him and he could see me when we were close to each other on the track. Thanks to this playful addition, the hour spent doing indoor cycling was not that boring, really. I think that a lot of things can be so much more fun when you add some playfulness to them.

Anyway, when we went to the gym today, even before we got too close to the bikes, the gym-attendant (the same guy from Monday) shouted at us: “hey guys, bring a towel! You have to wipe the equipment after you finish using it!” Apparently he forget to mention us that on that half-an-hour instruction we had received. Pardon me, I have not been in any public gym for years.Well yes, when I did my two-hour indoor rides at home, I did wipe the bike. And the floor around it. But it was not that obvious to me to do that in the public gym. Kind of like it is not always obvious in the cafeteria that you have to take the tray away yourself. Especially when you don’t see the place to put the tray or the cleaning paper to wipe the bike with. Actually it seems kind of wierd to do it with my own towel. Is it really a norm?

But I digress here.

Yesterday we had the Mentor* Day. The main idea behind the mentor day was to present our businesses to all the mentors at once, so that when we get to the 1:1 mentoring sessions, we would not have to explain the same idea over and over again. My practice paid off. We created quite a bit of excitement among the mentors and the future looks good. Now it is all about making the things we promise actually happen.:)

* a Mentor – somebody with experience, connections and/or money, who might be useful for you. Or sometimes just a guy who is good at pretending to have one of those qualities.


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