Life is a Pitch

Today we rehearsed the pitches for the Mentor Day on Tuesday. I spoke about the main idea of the LogistIT, Jüri added the technical stuff and Tarmo covered the revenue streams. And we got feedback. According to Mark and Simon, I am the “most articulate one” in our team so on Tuesday I have to present our company just by myself. There goes my take-it-easy-and-discover-Birmingham weekend. So when Tarmo and Jüri are playing golf tomorrow, I will be rehearsing my pitch. But who said life is fair?!:)

This poor bunny will have to listen to me rehearsing my pitch for the whole weekend. I hope that the animal rights activists will forgive me this time.

The ideas and pitches both were from very varying quality. The guy pitchinghis kids clothes business idea had the best pitch I’ve seen in years. The point of the business (which I’m not allowed to disclose here)  was very well articulated and I think no-one in the audience doubted that this is indeed a very  lucrative market and that guy is the one to make this happen.


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