Oxygen Accelerator, 1st day

Jüri and Tarmo are defenitely ready for the programme!

Well, we made it to the Oxygen Accelerator and on our first day here. I must admit, I already like it here. Energetic people, nice venue, demanding programme. We are going to spend the next three months of our lives in Birmingham, UK, getting mentored, working out our business model and developing the product for the launch. At the end of the period we will have an investor day which will be the reality-check for us – are we able to sell the idea to the investors and receive the first round of real money to continue our work.

For those who don’t know, the product we are developing, is called LogistIT. LogistIT is to a running a transportation company as Google Analytics is to running a website. One can only improve the things he measures. LogistIT makes the inner processes of transportation companies measureable. We do not allow the drivers to be lazy or the logistics to be disorganized. We estimate that by using LogistIT, transportation companies are able to increase their productivity up to 20%. Less time wasted = greater bottom line.

A sign on the (ambitious:) wall

In Oxygen, there are nine teams altogether, two from Birmingham, five from other parts of UK, one from Romania and ourselves (from Estonia). Originally they accepted a couple of more foreign teams but the members of those teams (f.e. from India) had trouble getting working visas. Probably a matter of changed immigration politics. Maybe they still would give you the visa if instead of burning the investors’ money you did something useful like cleaning floors, selling newspapers or lifting thingies from place A to place B. I don’t know.

Today we have been able to meet lot of interesting people, include some investors, mentors, Birmingham Science Park Aston staff, lawyers, Marketing Birgminham people and others. So far so good. We also saw the local premises. More about those in the later posts but I do want to mention the HUGE vending machine of potato chips and coke in the foyer of the gym. You would not find such a choice of potato chips in your local supermarket. So it is possible to see those kind of things outside of the US.


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